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  1. Fire-resistant fiber splash-proof thermocouple (multiple use)

    It is used to measure the temperature of molten steel and high temperature of molten metal.
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  2. Diatomite Splash-Proof Thermocouple (Multiple USES)

    The fast response thermocouple is uesd for measuring the temperature of molten steel and high temperature molten metal.The characteristics of this thermocouple is high accuracy,rapid reaction,light structure and easy to use.
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  3. Type 602 quick thermocouple for casting

    ype 602 quick thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of molten steel ,aluminum solution ,high temperature of molten metal and ohters.
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  4. Rapid Immersion Type Thermocouple

    Our manufacturer is the only one factory who making the W/Re3/25(type D)expendable thermocouple with our home-made precise W/Re thermocouple wires. We own technology development center engaged in researching, developing W/Re thermocouple wires、W/Re expendable thermocouple. Our products have already passed the ISO9001:2000 Certificate Of Quality Management System, and Total Management Up To Standard Enterprise Certificate. Our products have high precision, large temperature measurement range and low price. It’s fully conformity with YB/T163-2008 Rapid-response type expendable thermocouple. Our sales are more than 10 million every year, The products have recognized by both the domestic and international customers.
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  5. Type 604 quick thermocouple for casting

    604 type fast thermocouple is mainly composed of temperature probe and large paper tube.
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