Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter
Product Description
The superior dimensional tolerances of our Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter for iron filtration are recognizable at first glance. These filters are precisely cut after firing to the tightest dimensional tolerances. All the surfaces, including the cut sides, have the desirable open-pore structure of the true ceramic foam.

The high internal surface area makes for a deep-bed filtration effect throughout the thickness of the filter. Through deep-bed filtration, even highly fluid slag is retained in the foam network, reducing scrap and machining. We produce these foam filters in a wide variety of sizes and in several thicknesses and pore sizes to meet the requirements of grey and ductile iron foundries.

Application :

Silicon carbide ceramic foam filters are the right choice for iron casting. Ceramic foam filters have a minimum application temperature of up to 1470 centigrade and are basically suitable for all types of iron alloys, including alloyed cast iron. The application of ceramic foam filters has various advantages. One is that the flow of metal is effectively calmed-down due to the complex 3D structure of the filter, thus sand erosion is reduced and the filling of mould is improved. Another advantage is that the ceramic filter removes solid inclusions like e. G. Slag or reaction products of melt treatment from the liquid metal. Therefore, the metal quality is improved and cleaning and repair work is reduced.

  •  good filtering effect, reduce the reject rate.
  •  strong adsorption function , reduce inclusions.
  •  improve casting process ability and mechanical properties.
  • Pore Density (PPi): 10-40
  • Porosity (%): 80-90
  • Operating temperature : 1500
  • Bending Strength (Mpa): 0.8
  • Compression Strength (Mpa): 0.9
  • Thermal Shock Resistance(times/1100): 6
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