Honeycomb Ceramic Filter

Honeycomb Ceramic Filter
Product Description

We are offering the best quality Honeycomb Ceramic Filter that is widely used in metallurgy, metal melt filtration in the foundry industry. This product has a high thermal shock resistance and high temperature with the characteristics of straight-hole design to ensure the balance between the flow and the strength and remove impurities and slag particles so that the mechanical properties of castings and the surface quality and rate of qualified products are greatly improved.


  • Filter out the inclusions in the castings

  • Reduces the gas

  • Reduce the degree of turbulence

  • Reduce the casting surface defects

  • Reduce casting scrap rate

  • Enhance the elongation and tensile strength

  • Improve the surface finish of the castings


  • Natural ability of chemical adsorption

  • Adsorption on the inner wall of the hole

  • Advanced extrusion production

  • Capture small impurities

  • Reduces casting scrap rate

  • Improve mechanical properties


  • Density (g/cm3) :0.7--1.8
  • Compressive Strength(MPa)  :>15
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: <5x10-6k-1
  • Impact Thermal Resistance(800℃):>5
  • Modulus of Rupture(MPa): 1.3--1.6
  • Softening Temperature
  • Meet various casting temperature
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