Fiberglass Mesh Filter

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  1. Fiberglass mesh filter for Aluminum liquid filtration

    High Silica Fiberglass Filter Mesh for foundry is produced by heat resistance fiber in specifical technique and after-treatment.
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  2. Fiberglass Mesh Filter For Iron Liquid Filtration

    The fiberglass mesh filter foundry produced by our company are manufactured with high-temperature-resistant fiber, further more, they are produced by special technique and following-process, so with special technology and stable quality, and the products of our company have been systematically.
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  3. Fiberglass mesh filter for Steel liquid filtration

    Fiberglass mesh filters are designed for filtration of steel, iron ,aluminum and other castings metal liquid
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  4. Fiberglass Mesh Filter

    Fiberglass mesh filters are designed for filtration of iron, aluminum, steel and other castings metal liquid.
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