Fiberglass Mesh Filter

Fiberglass Mesh Filter
Product Description

Our offered Fiberglass Mesh Filter is made from specially treated silica fiberglass yarn and coated with special resin. It is brown with resin coating or black with smokeless carbonized treatment. These filters can effectively remove slag, refractory particles and non-metallic inclusions from the molten metal. These filters are capable of withstanding pouring temperatures up to 1620 to 1640°C coated with zirconia. These are ideal for in-mold filtration of ductile cast irons, copper-based metal alloys, non-ferrous aluminum, and steel casting filtration.


  • Low cost and easy to use

  • Improves fluidity and metal distribution

  • Removes micron sized inclusions and impurities

  • Reduce turbulence

  • Minimize gating system to reduce cost

  • Made of high temperature resistant fiber

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