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Ceramic Filter

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  1. Ceramic Filter Slice for molten metal filtration foundry industries

    Ceramic Honeycomb Filters slice mainly used for the melting of metal in metallurgy casting and foundry industry, Ceramic Honeycomb Foundry filters are basically in round, square slice shapes. Also can be called Extruded Ceramic Filters or Molten Metal Cellular Filters.
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  2. Cordierite Ceramic Honeycomb Filter

    Ceramic honeycomb filter for the metal melting now are extensively applied to the metallurgic plants of casting/foundry, for example, steel, iron, copper and aluminum, etc.
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  3. Honeycomb Ceramic Filter For Filtration Of Cast Iron

    Honeycomb ceramic filter apply to metal liquid filtration, it is made by material of mullite or cordierite ceramics. With unique high-density straight-pore honeycomb structure, excellent thermal shock resistance, high strength, high porosity and specific surface area.
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  4. Extruded Honeycomb Ceramic Filter

    The extruded Honeycomb ceramic filter is a fine filter with straight pore structure.
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  5. Dry Pressed Honeycomb Ceramic Filter

    It Honeycomb ceramic filters are designed for filtration of cast iron and nonferrous alloy
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  6. Ceramic Foam Filter

    Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter are disigned for filtratiion of grey iron ,ductile iron ,and nonferrous alloy.
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  7. Auqarium accessories high quality microporous ceramic filter bricks, plates, and tubes

    Microporous ceramic filter bricks, plates, and tubes are composed of many bridge-shaped open pores with uniform size distribution and interconnection.
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