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Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

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  1. Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter with Expandable Sealing Gasket

    Ceramic foam filter plate is produced basing on carrier with solid reticular structure and combined organic foam pores.
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  2. Round Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

    Alumina ceramic foam filter are characterised by existence of chemical bond. Low density and construction of the ceramic frame allows for the filter to reach minimal dimension deviations during the production process.Alumina ceramic foam filter has the advantages of high porosity, high mechanical strength, stable chemical property, strong corrosion-resistant, high adsorption rate, excellent filtering functions and thermal shock resistance.
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  3. Industrial Cast Foundry Porous Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

    Alumina ceramic foam filters are designed for filtration of aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is characterised by excellent stability and resistance towards heat shocks.
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  4. Square Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

    Alumina ceramic foam filter is a new type molten metal filter to decrease casting flaw.
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  5. High Porosity Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter for Foundry Casting

    Ceramic Foam Filter is a phosphate-free, high alumina-based product, It is characterized by high porosity and mechanical and chemical stability and excellent resistance to thermal attack & corrosion from molten aluminum, It can effectively remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas & provide laminar flow when filtrating molten aluminum, it is machined to tight dimensional tolerance during production, this combination of physical properties and precise tolerance make them first choice for molten non-ferrous filtration.
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  6. Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Installed In The Filter Bowl

    Alumina ceramic foam filter is just developed as a new type molten metal filters to decrease casting flaw in recent years.
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  7. High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

    Alumina Ceramic Foam Filters are mainly used for filtration of aluminium and aluminium alloys in foundries and cast houses. Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filters have the advantages of high porosity, Good thermal shock resistance, High mechanical strength, large specific surface area, good chemical stability and good filtering effected.
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  8. Alumina Foam Ceramic Filter Plate for casting

    Alumina ceramic foam filter plates are used in the aluminum metallurgical industry and foundries to remove non-metallic inclusions and metal melt in the oxide film.
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  9. Alumina Foam Filters For Filtering Low-pressure Aluminum Casting

    Alumina ceramic foam filter have substantial strength at ambient and molten aluminium temperatures, are durable, have high thermal conductivity and are resistant to chemical attack. They are useful in aluminium gravity casting (permanent mould), pressure die casting, low-pressure, squeeze cast, and high-performance sand foundries to remove inclusions.
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  10. Industrial Casting Alumina Porous Foam Ceramic Foam Filter

    Alumina ceramic foam filter is a new type of low density, high porosity and with three dimensional network skeleton structure of the filter.
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  11. Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter For Filtration Of Molten Aluminum Alloy

    Alumina ceramic foam filter is a trade description of low-density foundry filters designed for filtration of aluminum and aluminum alloys.The filters are placed into pre-developed chambers in inlet systems of the form or in sprue cups.They are suitable mainly for chill casting and for direct and indirect casting on a filter.
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